2020 has been a stressful year in our community, state, country, and world. The COVID19 pandem
ic is impacting every aspect of our culture and Stained Glass Counseling is striving to continue to support our community while being considerate of recommendations by the CDC/WHO and following orders and regulations set by the the State of Colorado, Arapahoe County, the City of Englewood, and The Department of Regulatory Agencies.

In Person Treatment

Stained Glass Counseling resumed the option for in-person counseling sessions in July after three months of exclusive telehealth sessions. In-person sessions were  open for a maximum 50% of Stained Glass Counseling’s current client load in order to continue to minimize risk of exposure to COVID19. In-Person treatment options have been filled and are no longer available for new or current clients. 

Telehealth Consultations

Stained Glass Counseling will continue to offer video sessions to all clients who prefer this modality and to any clients after the 50% capacity has been met.

New Clients

Stained Glass Counseling IS NOT currently accepting new clients due to caseload being filled. You are welcome to reach out to Brandi Solanki directly by email (brandi@stainedglasscounseling.com) or phone (303-325-3554) in order to confirm that no spots have opened or to ask for referrals.



Stained Glass Counseling COVID Protocol

This document will describe procedures in place in order to continue to protect the health and safety of clients while coming into Stained Glass Counseling for treatment. 


Informed Consent for In-Person Treatment

This document will be signed by all clients regarding the higher risk in contracting COVID19 by attending in-person treatment versus telehealth sessions.